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Intuition is a basic survival skill.
Successful, happy people access theirs.

Why shouldn’t you?

Given the times that we live in, it’s more important than ever to learn to balance the material world with the spiritual one. Intuition is the ability to discern your energy and truth from someone else’s.

Weed out the noise, connect to your knowing and be seen in the world.

The video below is a sample of what the classes are like
29 Video Lessons
Delivered to your Inbox for Four Weeks

This is a playful and fun program that will help you understand how energy moves. You don’t need to be overwhelmed anymore!
This class is a pre-req for learning with Liliana

We will kick off this course with a 55 minute main lesson. Learn meditation techniques and tools for canceling out the noise. Throughout the week, get help putting it all into practice with worksheets and 5-10 min audio/videos. You might feel overloaded with an introduction to lots of concepts right up front. This is all part of the plan. You will have plenty of opportunities to take the concepts deeper next week.

This week we review and let it all sink in. A 50 minute main lesson starts us off again. Learn about flow, ease and affinity. It all makes sense this week.

This week we ramp up with more tools as you recognize your own truth and natural tools. Now that you have a toolkit for healing yourself -  protect it and nurture it.

This week we will learn more about how the astral and physical realms come together.

Tune-up with some time-tested tricks. I've learned this information the hard way, and I'm beyond thrilled to share it with you.

A-Alignment Course
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